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Shootin’a Curl


A Grampy Teds Special !


Whilst in the Army and practising at a coastal firing range, I noticed the possibilities (with regard to surfing usage) of the common figure 11 target.

So I pinched one that was “surplus to requirements” and tried it out when we got some time off. Of course it wasn’t quite up to scratch, but I figured that, with a bit of modification it could work. So I came up with this:


Firstly it’s a nod to the Armed Forces, Respect !!


Secondly it’s a pun on the 60’s phraseology we used to use (Shootin’ a Curl being the 60’s generic slang phrase for surfing in general, before the more modern usage meaning to ride within the tube)


And lastly because I thought it would look Cool!!


It’s 3’9” in length X 14” wide with parallel sides, made of 6mm steam compressed Birch ply-wood.


The board is “bullet nosed” (sorry about another pun!) with a radius curve at the tip and a lateral concave of up to 1” running the last third of the body to provide greater speed and control in the wave and it has a rounded “body-slot” at the trailing edge to assist in the take-off and allow the rider to get close onto the board quicker.


The “target” is actually a Military Figure 11 target, attached to the board with waterproof glue and then all surfaces have been sealed in four layers of high quality Yacht Varnish to ensure waterproofing.


The underside of the board has been kept to the usual GRAMPY TEDS design style, with the off-set lines and logo markings.




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