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Things you should know about grampy teds belly-boards



They’re each made from high pressure formed Scandinavian Birch ply, so they should last for eons with the minimum of maintenance (just wipe it dry when you’ve finished for the day)


They actually are handmade, in a shed, by Grampy Ted (just like it says on the labels!) The only power-tools used were an electric jig-saw, to cut the leading edge, and an electric steamer to form the leading edge scoop, everything else was done by hand (and it takes ages!).


Each one’s got at least four layers of high density, top quality Yacht varnish on all surfaces, including the edges, to maximise waterproofing and durability (none of yer cheapo stuff either! Damned expensive (but worth it)).


The GRAMPY TEDS logo  is Pyrographed by hand (in a shed by Grampy Ted) and then sealed within the waterproof varnishing (not that it would’ve come off, anyway!)


All the graphics stickers that are used (for the trademark and the like) are of the same quality that is used to put markings on aircraft (so you can be sure that they’re not going to come off) and then they’re sealed within the varnishing layers (just to be doubly sure)


Should you notice any imperfections or inconsistencies in design or replication, please be aware that due to the manufacturing processes employed, No Two surfboards are identical (after all, they were made in a shed by Grampy Ted!)


They’re inexpensive but they do what they’re supposed to. Don’t let some of the bigger manufacturers con you into believing that just because they use some kind of extinct tropical sapwood and that the logos are printed using Woolly Mammoth teardrops, etc, blah, blah, blah, that they’re so much better. (In all honesty, they may be, but then again, you could replace this one six times for the cost of one of theirs, and you probably won’t have to.) 


Every penny of profit, after manufacturing costs (of about a Tenner) goes directly to the RAF Benevolent Fund so purchasing a genuine GRAMPY TEDS Bellyboard would be supporting a very worthwhile cause (The manufacture of these is a hobby for Grampy Ted and he’d just like it to pay for itself)


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