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A little bit about Grampy Ted……..


Grampy Ted himself spent the first part of his life in Perranporth, Cornwall where his love of the sea, and surfing in particular was instilled at an early age.


It is rumoured that he was brought up on a diet, exclusively, of Limpets, Puffin, Kelp and Tuna-friendly Dolphin steaks which would explain how it is that he can glide through the water and stick to the surfboard, and also the state of his hair.


He was dragged, kicking and screaming, off the beach by his parents at the age of ten, so that they could move a little inland, but still took every opportunity to return to the sea where he continued his love of surfing.


It is rumoured that his blood stream actually has a high-tide and low-tide in conjunction with the phases of the moon.


When, eventually, he grew up (physically if not mentally) he joined the Army where he enjoyed nothing more than Beach Assault exercises, somehow, always making it ashore before the rest of his platoon.


It was upon leaving the Army, having completed his service, that he settled down and bought "the Shed".


Some years later he became a grandfather, so just plain old Ted became Grampy Ted. A legend in his own back garden. His love of woodwork, coupled with the manufacture of small wooden toys for his young Grandson soon led to the hobby of making the traditional wooden surfboards that he’d been using as a kid and his renewed enthusiasm for Cornish style “Surf-Riding” as it was done in the 60’s. Thus grampy teds surf shed was born.


Numerous different styles and compositions of Bellyboards were tried and tested before he settled for the “standard” 4’ X 1’ ply-wood board with a steam-curved nose, and he swears that there’s many that may be faster in the wave, but none that can match the ride of the “First edition grampy teds”. 


As was the custom in the 60’s, his board has been personalised and would be instantly recognisable if you were shown what it looked like, but that would end the enigma, wouldn’t it ?!

Since then he’s made quite a few boards. Every one an original (except for the special edition Famous Five) and makes absolutely no money from it at all. Many people have helped along the way (you know who you are) with stuff like web-sites, graphics, ideas and the like….and he thanks you all.








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