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The Grave-rider.


A Grampy Teds Special !


Fashioned as a salute to the late Mr Tom Tremewan, a Perranporth Undertaker with an entrepreneurial eye for a gap in the market, whom, circa 1919, utilising the only materials that he had to hand, namely Coffin Lids, produced some of the earliest Cornish surfboards, which he supplied, at a small cost, to the people at the beach who were clamouring to try the “new” sport of “Surf-Riding”.

Some of these earliest boards are still to be seen, albeit in museums nowadays.


This board has been made from 6mm Steam compressed Birch-ply, steamed to provide a 30° straight lift in the nose. 4’ long X 14” at the widest point, with a 10” span at the tail.

It has the GRAMPY TEDS Surf shed logo inlaid in Brass below a 3D skull face staring back !

There are 10 Brass Coffin-Nails spaced around the deck edge of the board and everything has been sealed within the waterproofing layers. The board has been slightly “distressed” to give it the “just dug-up” look, whilst the underside has been kept to the usual GRAMPY TEDS design style, with the off-set lines and logo markings.

only made upon request

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