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First edition Grampy teds surfboard


This board is a one off.


The “standard” board is 4’ in length X 1’ wide with parallel sides and a radial curve steamed into the nose to form the front scoop.

They are made from 6mm steam compressed Birch ply-wood to provide strength but lightness and a bit of flex in the board whilst riding the waves.

Every part of the construction of these boards has been done by hand and the large grampy teds logo has been pyrographed, by hand, in a shed, by Grampy Ted.


When these boards were constructed grampy teds hadn’t yet opted for the off-set lines on the reverse of the boards that is now a common marker of authenticity (along with the logos, etc) so you will notice that these have either a single or double centrally aligned stripe. Suffice to say that any reproduction of these boards will come bearing the off-set stripes and this board will remain a one off.





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