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Famous Five

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Famous five


This is as close to mass production as grampy teds is ever likely to get.

In all honesty to you, the reader, it was initially going to be “the Magnificent 7”, but I changed my mind and produced a couple of First Edition boards instead with the other two.


So what you have now is a limited edition of five, each one individually numbered and never to be repeated (otherwise they wouldn’t be a limited edition, would they?!)


Each board is made from 6mm High pressure steam compressed Birch

Ply-wood. Measuring 4’ in length X 1’ in width with the usual pyrographed grampy teds logo and the off-set stripes, etc, on the reverse. The differences that make these unlike the First Edition boards are: Each board has a cork chest panel affixed to the upper face, to negate the intrinsic neutral buoyancy of a ply-wood board, also an additional grampy teds logo, engraved in Brass, lacquered and inlaid into the board (just to make it a bit special!)



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